PEGASUS Twin Fins on Clear

Our Pegasus twin fins will give you the speed and drive you need to get off the bottom of the wave fast for clean turns up top. Down the line you’ll accelerate to have enough speed and drive. This is a good all-rounder twin fin.
-Recommended for all board types, including fish, funboard, and twin fin boards.
-Available in FCS, FCS2, and futures fin systems.
-Height 5.5″


Made in our workshop in JBay and named after the constellation Pegasus which lies in the northern hemisphere is the seventh largest constellation in the sky.

With our Pegasus twin fins you can expect a good all-rounder twin fin with lots of drive, speed and sharp turns. Layers of fiberglass are used to build a panel from where Orion is cut and foiled. The base is handcrafted for a truly bespoke fin that is one of a kind.
-Available in FCS, FCS2 and futures fin systems.
-Height: 5.5"
-FOIL: Flat

Please note: All our fins are handmade, and therefore color and design may vary slightly from those shown depending on where the fin is cut from the panel. No two fins are alike.


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